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Venue Rental Info

Suwon Manseok Gallery

Rental venues: 3 galleries

Suwon Manseok Gallery provides gallery rental services to promote local arts and culture by providing space for art exhibitions.

Suwon Art Space Gwanggyo contents
Suwon Art Space Gwanggyo Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3
Area 418.35㎡ 126.96㎡ 128.86㎡
Rental application status

Facility usage fees(VAT excluded)

수원시립만석전시관 상세정보
Facility Unit period Unit Unit price
Gallery 1 day KRW 120

Gallery Rental Procedure

1. Rental application and acceptance

Download rental application form and other forms

Special rental application and acceptance: Special rental applicants are accepted through special rental notices for periods without regular rental, and the rental procedure is the same as for regular rental application.

2. Deliberation of rental applications

3. Notification of the application results

4. Contract deposit payment by renters

5. Checking contract deposit payment and providing rental terms and conditions

6. Payment of the remaining rental fees and heating/air conditioning fees

Cooling: 2nd week of June – 2nd week of September

Heating: 1st week of November – 1st week of April

7. The running and termination of an exhibition

Rental change or cancellation

To change or cancel the rental after obtaining the permission, please fill out and submit a prescribed form (by 30 days before the first rental day)
For a special rental, please fill out and submit a change/cancellation application form by 5 days before the first rental day.

Download a change/cancellation application form

Terms of compliance

  1. Exhibition opening events must be finished before the closing time of Suwon Manseok Gallery.
  2. It is prohibited to bring food into galleries during an opening event, as well as the entire exhibition period.
  3. Renters should secure necessary guide staff to ensure the smooth operation of their gallery event.
  4. Nails, screws and double-sided tape may not be used for the installation of works. Users must restore deformed or damaged walls and facilities of galleries. If the wall or facilities cannot be restored to their original state, users will be required to pay compensation.
  5. Renters cannot bring congratulatory wreaths into galleries or arrange them in galleries. If a renter wishes to place wreaths in the lobby, they should contact Suwon Manseok Gallery in advance, and remove them after the event’s end.
  6. Exhibition promotional banners and materials in specified sizes can be installed only in places designated by Suwon Manseok Gallery, and must be removed immediately after a specified period ends.
  7. Renters should store and manage art works when collecting art works during the preparation period and when disposing of art works after exhibitions end. No art work may be stored in the gallery during the preparation period and after the exhibition ends. Suwon Manseok Gallery will not be responsible for storing work.
  8. Renters should prepare standard plastic garbage bags, and separately collect any garbage generated during the preparation period.
  9. A rental may be cancelled by Suwon Manseok Gallery in the following circumstances.

    The renter has violated regulations or directions, which are based on Suwon Manseok Gallery’s Ordinance

    The renter is deemed likely to harm the maintenance of public facilities or commit an offense against public morals

    The renter has violated the purposes of use or conditions of rental, or falls behind on rental payments

    The renter has received permission to use the gallery through false or unjust means

    The exhibition is held for missionary purposes of religions or for commercial activities, such as the promotion and selling of products

    The renter has transferred or subleased the rental lease

Rental application form (change, cancellation, exemption, refund),
rental fee exemption/refund criteria

Suwon Manseok Gallery

Rental application status

Month Day Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3