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As a public cultural space, the Suwon Museum of Art strives to enrich the lives of its visitors while fostering the development of arts and culture in Suwon.

The Suwon Museum of Art operates four venues, which include the Suwon Museum of Art at Hwaseong Haenggung Palace Square, the Suwon Art Center in Manseok Park,
the Children’s Eco Art Center in Pajang-dong, and Art Space Gwanggyo. Striding forth as the Seoul Capital Area’s leading museum, the Suwon Museum of Art presents a diverse range of
exhibitions carefully tailored to the unique features of each venue, sharing enjoyable collections that reflect local themes.

The Suwon Museum of Art’s home city of Suwon boasts a dynamic mix of tradition and transformation. The city serves as the Seoul Capital Area’s economic and cultural hub and
is home to cultural heritage sites such as the Hwaseong Haenggung Palace as well as the country’s leading high-tech corporations. Suwon is also representative as a beautiful city
that offers environmentally-friendly ecological parks, the Gwanggyo Lake Park, and other spaces that embrace a restful, leisurely pace of life.
The Suwon Museum of Art plays a leading role among the many arts and culture organizations found in Suwon.

The fields of arts and culture are no exception as many artists and art venues have been severely affected
by the pandemic. Firm in our belief that these challenges will be overcome, the Suwon Museum of Art will rise to the occasion with boldly pioneering exhibitions.

We are grateful for the public’s steadfast support of the Suwon Museum of Art. We will do our utmost to flourish as one of Korea’s premier art museums.

Thank you.

Director Hong Gueonpyo, Suwon Museum of Art