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Suwon Museum Of Art was founded in 2015 as a cultural space that aims to establish the city’s art identity, develop the city’s art culture, and provide Suwon citizens with more opportunities to enjoy high-quality exhibitions.

Suwon is home to the Hwaseong Haenggung Palace, one of the famous cultural heritage sites of Korea, and is the hometown of Na Hye-sok, a feminist and renowned artist in Korea’s modern art history. The city is also the location of the global company Samsung Electronics.
Suwon Museum Of Art plans exhibitions that reinterpret Suwon’s history and cultural characteristics from a modern viewpoint, collects historical local art materials, discovers new artists, and develops various education programs, all with the aim of developing the city’s culture and art and providing citizens with more opportunities to enjoy high-quality exhibitions.

Suwon Museum Of Art focuses primarily on the development of exhibitions and educational programs that explore and reinterpret the innovative and people-oriented spirit of King Jeongjo, who built Hwaseong Fortress, and the keen spirit of Na Hye-sok, a pioneer who longed for a new age. The museum also seeks to develop IT-based convergent programs and enhance the status of Suwon and Suwon Museum Of Art by actively introducing the city’s art and culture at various international exchange exhibitions.
Suwon Museum Of Art has newly been launched as an organization comprised of four spaces: Ipark, the main building, located in Haenggung Square; Suwon Art Center, located in Manseok Park; Suwon Art Eco, located in Pajang-dong; and Art Space GwangGyo, which newly opened in 2019 at the Suwon Convention Center in Gwanggyo New Town.

These new spaces will give visitors even more opportunities to enjoy various cultural activities. Through the use of these spaces, the Suwon Museum Of Art seeks to thrive as a stronghold for Suwon’s art and cultural development and flourish as a community center for artists and a central place for the lifelong education and improved cultural welfare of area citizens. With these goals in mind, the museum will hold various project exhibitions, provide space for artists to freely present their creations, and run an eco-experience space for children.

Thank you.

Suwon Museum Of Art