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Art Space Gwanggyo

Art Space Gwanggyo

Art Space Gwanggyo

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We dream together
at Art Space Gwanggyo

Suwon’s future cultural heritage begins here.

Art Space Gwanggyo is a cultural art space created in Suwon Convention Center, Gwanggyo New Town, that looks toward the future of the historic and cultural city of Suwon.
Reflecting a sense of spatial flexibility, Art Space Gwanggyo goes beyond fixed ideas of existing art museums, pursuing an open space that includes the interior and exterior spaces of Suwon Convention Center and expanding into neighboring outdoor areas, such as the ecological wetland and Gwanggyo Lake Park. This enables Art Space Gwanggyo to pursue not only local art development but also the goal of becoming an “art space that offers art for the public and creative art education, and promotes sharing.”.
In addition, Art Space Gwanggyo will take a leading role as one of the rich cultural/art and tourism infrastructure facilities of Suwon, along with MICE Complex and Suwon Convention Center.