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Suwon Art Eco

Suwon Art Eco

Suwon Art Eco

체험관 전경

Art Eco, a place where people and nature circulate

Children’s Ecological Art Experience Center [Pullip]

The Children’s Ecological Art Experience Center [Pullip], which opened in 2011, is an educational base for children, and an annex center operated by Suwon Art Center. Convergent education is made possible through exhibitions that merge nature and art. It is both an educational base and exhibition center where visitors can use their five senses to experience the rhythm of ecology in which people and nature coexist.
It has been expanding the range of art education by offering the three elements of exhibition, experience, and education, including various experiential programs such as professional commentary programs for children.

Address: 1274, Gyeongsu-daero (Pajang-dong), Jangan-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Space: Gallery + Experience Center
Inquiry: +82-31-228-3585, 4107


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